Children’s Pirate Themed Parties: Auckland Pirate Available

by Pirate Matty on July 18, 2009

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If your young one wants a pirate theme then get ready for a fun
filled celebration. Turning your home into a pirate paradise is easy
with a little work and some imagination. Best of all, this theme
appeals to boys and girls alike. The most commonly used theme is
pirate themed birthday. What are the things which is needed to be done
they are as follows Make parchment invitations by soaking white paper
in coffee until it turns brown and set on the counter to dry. Gently
burn the outer edges of each sheet so that it resembles a worn piece
of parchment. Write in the party details and work in phrases.

Fill a treasure chest and set by the front door with a sign that says
“Beware, Pirates Ahead.” Place the chest on top of a tan table cover
to resemble the beach, or if you do it outside you can use real sand.
If it’s a really large chest, put a box inside of it to help fill
space and cut down on the amount of treasure you need. For the pirate
booty, use plastic jewel beads, gold foil covered chocolate coins and
plastic bowls or cups spray painted gold.

Serve dry snacks like chips and pretzels in miniature treasure chests
or upside down black tri-corner hats. Give your other snacks and
drinks pirate names to add to the fun. Serve punch but refer to it as
call peanut butter stuffed celery sticks Pirate Planks. Make Hidden
Treasure Cupcakes by inserting a jellybean inside the cupcake after it
has cooled and then frost as usual.

Have the party guests sit in a circle and place two chairs in the
middle. Let the guest of honor sit in one seat and choose a birthday
present to open. Have the gift giver join them in the center of the
circle while they’re opening the present. When they’re done, give the
guest a bag full of pirate themed goodies like an eye patch, gold foil
covered chocolates, tattoos and beads.

These are the ways were you can make your young one feel happy
and we have a brilliant pirate themed party.

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