Birthday Pirate Adventures in Auckland

by Pirate Matty on March 26, 2011

Pirate Adventures

There are many stories, novels, books, poems about pirates & their adventures. Pirates are actually sea sailors attempt to gain everything at the cost of anything. They are full of energy, hunting in nature. As they sail in ocean for a long time for destructive activities, it is very interesting to know about them. For this purpose there are many pirate themed parks, boats, party houses to make an environment likely to the actual pirate adventures & also to know their adventures in a short extent.
There is a place in Ottawa only for pirate adventures. It is safe place for children where they can about pirates & also do some artificial pirate activities. In this place there are some pirate like activities such as discovering the treasure map, solving the maps secrets & mysteries, defending the ship with water cannons against pirate pete, making the pirate pete walk the plank, hauling the loot abroad, sharing the booty, singing a sea shanty. Generally this park make living the adventure of a pirate for a moment of time. This is one of the best place in Canada for children.
Jersey Shore Pirates is another unforgettable pirate adventure aboard the sea Gypsy. It is the most unique form of family entertainment to the NJ shore area. Here is an opportunity for kids to dress-up like pirates, get painted with pirate like tattoos. Before sailing kids also can learn some pirate lingo. The journey is about one hour & fifteen minutes. Once the board started to sail, the mates can participate in an interactive treasure hunt on high sea levels. The competition includes rules of sea Gypsy pirate ship, reading a treasure map, discovering a secret message in a bottle & also working as a unit to defeat the enemy pirate who has stolen the keys to of treasure. If the key is gained, the reward for each child is a handful of loot & a lifetime of authentic pirate tales to tell. This Jersey Shore Pirates was located in Riverfront Marina on Princeton Avenue in Brick NJ, next to the beautiful Windward Beach Park. The full adventure journey averages a total of an hour & forty-five minutes from face paint, dress up to return to the dock.
Another place for pirate adventure is the Pirate Dinner Adventure Buena Park located in Anaheim, California. At Pirate Dinner Adventure Buena Park, a 250,000 gallon indoor lagoon with night sky lighting. The lagoon is surrounded by a six-sided showroom of six additional ships in which audience is seated to enjoy the show. Voyagers on each ship wearing fearless mascot can cheer on as the adventure begins with a dozen actors. Singers & stunt performers perform in a action-packed exploits. In this park there are 150 guests have the chance to play an actual role in each show. Even youngsters can take part in the action, donning costumes to row dinghies in a crucial pirate race around the lagoon.
Thus besides these places there are also many places where pirate adventures can be created in an artificial way.

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