More Adventures in Store From Pirate Matty

by Pirate Matty on September 1, 2011

There’s nothing Pirate Matty likes better than adventure.

You see sometimes it gets just so very boring going to your boring job every day, it’s a bit like school with someone always telling you what to do, to sit up straight, not to pick your nose, and not call anyone mean names.

Which is pretty boring because it’s no fun.

We much prefer to adventure to find the treasure. So it’s always exciting for pirate matty to get invited on a pirate adventure from a crew of wild buccaneering pirate adventurers who want to find the treasure, and get rich in an adventure, but more importantly really, to have a rollicking time as a team working together, that’s what being a pirate is all about.

Because Pirate matty is always looking for new adventure, he has been thinking of cunning plans to increase his reputation as auckland’s most fearsome, crazed, wild, bloodthirsty, merciless, despicable, scurrilous, unscrupulous, pirate whether in the two harbours or anywhere in between. That way he would certianly be invited for more pirate birthday party expeditions!

I think a great way to start would be more pirate videos on youtube, my video as it is has almost 1000 views! That’s getting a little bit famous, but Pirate Matty wants to be so famous and reknowned that he is called upon from all corners of auckland and even New Zealand, to go on pirate birthday party adventures and any kind of pirate story that may require him.

But then pirate matty, being an illustrious pirate captain and master of the pirate birthday party realms and domains, struck upon the idea that he may need a partner who complemented him perfectly.

What sort of person would that be?

Well a fairy princess wouldn’t be such a bad idea don’t you think? A beautiful fairy who could cast spells, and tell stories and sing songs would be wonderful, not only for the perfect auckland birthday party entertainers but also do star in our pirate matty videos on youtube!

Because y’know the thing is what if I get called to adventures all around the city hapening all at the same time one after another and I’m flat tired out from all the birthday party fun? Well a fairy princess could help me there to magically bring me back to life and keep everything together.

Once we could do birthday party adventures, and youtube video adventures, then we could even put on shows of our fabulous auckland fairy and pirate adventures!

Where do you find a fairy princess though? Well that’s an adventure all ready to be had by itself!

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