Aucklands Pirate Matty Entertains A Fancy

by Pirate Matty on November 14, 2011

My name is Matt and I’m the pirate Matty, previously a goodly merchant, unbeknownst to those with which I plied my daily trades I was incognito, a daring raider of the ports and harbours, sword for hire never more than a sniff from the latest dastardly plot to separate the wealthy from their various worldly luxuries and treasures that I might rather fancy in my own good possession.

Last night I swear I had a brain wave. Auckland, a large city full of entertainers and a city of many pirate birthday parties and ideas for kids birthdays where pirates most rugged and cunning do work their various avenues might be best under the long shadow of Pirate Matty’s name.

A fairy, a mystic nymph of worlds unknown to mere mortals seen glimpsed for but a moment, unto me did in a vision unravel, a promise the faithful would be met for every want and need where such a far away places as my winged sprite may fly there lies a golden bounty worth more than mere gold.

And so I had planned on building a pirate ship myself to make good on my vows of adventure and daring escapades, yet their had ought to be a better method for one as resourceful in cunning and guile such as aucklands pirate matty.

Might word be sent, might tales be told, for what is a quest if not there is a story from it to be told! Might such a story be worth more than silver and gold, jewels and coins?

Not a story that never starts nor ends too soon.

Might I paint a picture of a glorious sailing vessel of pirate matty’s proud auckland pirate ship, making it’s way to a far isle laden with mystery and intrigue, strewn with hidden secrets.

Might any day above deck sailing the sea, might a tale unfold, a sea shanty indeed, what of lord jonathan, he was sent from an impoverished kingdom, sent to win glory and bring back hope, what of him now, of his tale of which none now know?

Some say he was caught and strung aloft by vicious bandits who walk the trails, but it ws said of his travels that a great many things not previously known were beheld and pondered vigourously on the merit and state of such situates.

It was then a plan was hatched, that if they were to chance upon a stray encounter, lord jonathon would be the party of which name they claimed upon their banner.

Seeking trade in the name of the master jonathon should surely not arose suspicion to the true nature of their voyage, for who would speak of such apparitions as being worthy cause for such a journey, sure this would only be outrageous folly?

Wouldst though be a god fearing man? Wouldst thought load a sack of gold and carry it into your grave that you may afford great houses and servants even in the vast and mighty kingdom beyond?

We sail not only for what rewards all men thirst but for much that is considered a great prince’s holding!

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