Pirate Matty Plots A Pirate Birthday Adventure Show

by Pirate Matty on November 19, 2011

Pirate Matty between his often gallant adventures around the seas and harbours of auckland is not known to be most often up in his tower counting the comings and goings of his hoards of various treasure and trade.

Not that he is most likely to let it be known of his trading aswell as swashbuckling and buccaneering pirate raids that have led to such lucrative outcomes, for what is a pirate captain if he is not hungry for the call of adventure and fabulous encounters? May it not slip your mouth – but vividly the pirate swears there is more to this life than any kingdom or estate that can be gained so why grow fat and old when legends do not remember such things, but counting his fortunes in the attic well we all have to have our escape plan in the end.

And yet the comings and goings are of what consequence? No body ever had their tongue cut out because the price of tobacco rose in the east and the price of sugar rose in the west. It is for no matter.

Oh but might one not say, have you seen the knives and guns at play when men’s lives become but cheaper than night, how gayly one does desire such fortunes would transpire until they face the moment of fear as it grips them.

But I could of been a minstrel! AY but you would still be a dreamer in any case.

And so we take stock of our inventory. Let us plan this time such an expedition. What you think I count money for the sake of counting? Then surely you have me wrong, would I dig for gold for the sake just of digging? No tis a war chest wether I admiral of teh fleat or merely captain of my own ship of destiny, when raise the colour, and sail for the rising sun.

Being a man of many illustrious talents and resourceful means it is not only by skullduggery and shenanigans I have made my fare through life.

Would thy spare a penny for a tale most unlikely to ponder? I was known on the boards far away to hold the crowd it staggering fits of merriment and mirth with a most humourous depiction of some of my lesser known feats, and if making light doth make delight than who am I not to oblige when my services are requested?

Oh that I would have been a minstrel and in my candour crooned to the night my solitary malaise, but the heaven to bestow upon me other talents most unlikely and the cunning I couldn’t be more thankful for.

A crew to take across and behold, I reveal unto you, a circus upon the waves? Theatre as it lives gliding across the seas, unfurled by the currents and prevailing winds along the dancing glass the bottomless ocean? Call it what you will I only sought to make my way, and my apologies if you’d had higher hopes.

But with any tale, there is always truth, lurking somewhere amidst like the great beasts of the deep roam the murky chasms of posiedon’s lair. All your loves are monsters, as the poet said, but that is certainly a different tale. There’s always another story for the pirate birthday adventure show.

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