Pirate Matty Sees Princess Fairy Magic!

by Pirate Matty on November 13, 2011

Pirate Matty is certainly thinking of starring in more youtube pirate videos and I verily say, I cannot help but ponder on what content and subjects contained within would suitably express the sprawling traverse of one so journeyed as the pirate matty of auckland.

Celebration and treasure are never far from my thoughts, we make our way through live visiting a many varied ports and harbours.

For ay,the pirate matty, most feared and intrepid captain of the two mouths of aucklands isthmus, harbour to harbour reknowned for deeds most daring and journeys bedazzling, and dare I say it untrue the reports of my capture, whilst attending a rowdy pirate celebration calamitous hellraising did erupt and surely twas a mistake if the pirate matty was so apprehended by a brigade of brusque brigands whose lessons in gentlemanly conduct were soon administered at the end of my sword!

And thus under velvet night’s cover I slunk my way to return once again, none the poorer for it yet on my journey in the darkest night of the coldest winds and rains along the longest road that wound steeply through the craggy and misty clifftop forests of the harbour it was a light most unusual behold.

Being a bold adventurer, privy to sights unknown to the wise, and unseen to the most worldly kings and lords, such unusual things would not unsettle I, I slash with my sword and I come with cannons loaded and set on my unwitting target and yet such as as fairies, elves, leprechauns, little people, hobbits, whatver you may, such things are the fantasy of children no less I would add.

And yet a strange light, was I yet to tipsy and a drunkard in credit of not much more than an abundance of ale?

Make not light of these tales of which I impart! For surely, she did appear, a shining spectre, a regal and grand apparition, a fairy girl, a princess, and a mistress of great magic and ethereal powers

Oh how I was entranced for you have seen beauty, you know not of the beauty, like a precious doll, “Mother!” I cried and I sighed for beauty such as this was not of the earth, but of dreams and divine realms where all is pure and without flaw.

Solemnly, when I awoke in a location outward of the public house, and I contended such a countenance as to attend my affairs, stricken I was taken by the vision of this angel. Who was she?

This nymph, this sprite, pixie, eleven goddess, why does she haunt me so? Are these treasures not enough? Does not my ship not sail as fast as the wind flies over the raging sea, is my sword not true, hungrily dispatching vexation upon my cursed foe?

Then we make sail? A crew I’ll need, treasure and adventurer awaits and if that’s more than you can handle, I’m sure the crows will enjoy the sweet tepid flesh they pick from the bones of the pathetic cringing doubters, those who would cower from the call of a prate’s quest!


Auckland central, north shore, manukau, waitakere . . .

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