Pirate Story of The Merchant Lord

by Pirate Matty on November 8, 2011

Once upon a time there was wealthy lord, who as know for his cunning and shrewd business dealings – he was one of the smartest traders and wheelers and dealers about.

But as he grew very wealthy he began to grow bored and tired of his privileged life, a great castle, a magnificent horse drawn carriage, servants to do his bidding and feasts each morning and night.

He wanted to be thrilled and be an adventurer once more, like he had been when he was younger just starting out on the trade routes. And so it was that he began to disguise himself as a dreaded pirate of the high seas, taking to the waves to menace the very merchant ships that sailed his line.

For in his heart he was a pirate, he did not sail his voyage merely to plunder and wallow in his wealth and treasures for this came easily to such a man. He lived to sail and to fight, to chase down his prey and strike awe and fear into their hearts, so that in story and song, his name might live on.

For what is it to be rich and forgotten, or to fight and have your story told?

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