Ahoy There Auckland Actresses, Kid’s Entertainers Wanted

by Pirate Matty on December 3, 2011

I’m Pirate Matty, yay! I’m in the pirate business, doing pirate shows for little kids, things are going well and I want to step it up.

A long time ago when I was at pirate university learning marketing, I used to work for the fairy shop performing a pirate birthday parties for kids.

As time went on and I was involved in marketing and promotions and such as I was trained, I began to realise I would be better off using my marketing skills to develop my own business ideas, and one of those ideas was returning to doing my pirate parties, which has been a real success over the last 3 years and from a business perspective, it’s time to develop.

I’ve already taken bookings for different events doing appearances and different characters, and seen the viability of putting together a short, modest stage show to present at primary schools. I want to push youtube to get what I’m doing out there.

Long term I am looking to connect with performers and those with technical video skills to work with – I have decent resources but I can’t do everything myself! I want to have more people doing parties, performances, appearances and youtube sketches, and compiling those sketches and shows to DVD.

In terms of where I want to develop immediately, I would like to create the character of a female offsider who is a fairy or similar, tinkerbell for example. Then we’ve got more access to girls party themes rather than predominantly boys, my aim is to have female characters who can do parties and appearances so I can keep my successful marketing formula rolling out, and shoot more content for youtube.

You’ll be paid but the money won’t be spectacular while you’re still working assisting me, when I’m confident you can work independently there’ll be more accordingly.

I’m a businessman really, who’s skills are in marketing and just has a knack for performance. I’ve got a long term business commitment to a concept that is proven, and this is working for me so I’m excited to see where it goes – it might be an excellent opportunity if you want to work doing kid’s material.


If perhaps you’re not suited to being a fairy/assistant I still welcome any contribution you may have of your time, I’ll be wanting to create more opportunities for those with other roles soon. If you’re inexperienced perhaps you’d be interested in the opportunity to learn about how I work.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Look alive you dogs! It is I, the pirate captain Matty, a shrewd and cunning renegade helmsman to be sure, and I seek a worthy and willing crew for adventures and auckland birthday entertainment!

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