Pirate Stories: Still Away With The Fairies

by Pirate Matty on December 19, 2011

Hi everybody it’s Pirate Matty here and today I’m planning another adventure on the hunt for fairies. And maybe princesses!

I’m going to do a new youtube video that covers my search for fairies, before I start showing you anything about the adventures I get up to trying to convince fairieis to let me have pirate birthday parties in auckland every day!

What do you do with a fairy once you’ve got one? We had a clever way of catching them and then we’ll put them to work entertaining and sprinkling magical dust and casting spells on people, it might be quite something!

Well we need to take them to the mall, or places where kids hang out so we can convince the kids to let us come to their parties and eat birthday cake

Do fairies do tricks? Fairy sock puppets? That’s not a fairy that’s your hand in a sock, don’t be silly! No it’s not it’s a real fairy “give me a kiss pirate matty and I’ll grant you a wish!”
But your a sock, sock can’t grant wishes – “no I’m a fairy look at how pretty I am, look at my pretty hair!”

We could be doing special pirate and fairy videograms for $100?

I think we could make Pirate matty in “away with the fairies” our first show. Especially if I had dancing fairy and a singing fairy and we did 20 minutes between us, $300 + $2 a dvd – if we did that at 2 schools in a day, I’d be making $400 a pop, and paying my fairies $50 each. 2-4 times a week = set.

The idea is you keep doing funny pirate and fairy gas until you find all the best, make them into a bit of a story with singing and dancing, it only has to be 20 minutes, so go on!

It needs an interactive part where we make a video for the school on the spot, that could easily eat 2 or 3 minutes and be another cool interactive viral thing that gets people checking out my pirate matty youtube video channel for pirate stories galore!!!

I think my concept of the show will mash together my existing crowd participation pirate adventure, the interactive part for the youtube video, and the fairy parts with some singing and dancing and some funny stuff tied into a story.

Could we come up with a holiday program? 10 kids, $30, $300 for 4 hours, pay my fairy $60, it would be alot of work. Maybe with 2 fairies I could have 20 kids? $600, – $120 for fairies, and $130 for space leaving me with $350.

Maybe before we launch a 30 minute show for $400 and DVD’s. we should have a 15 minute show, for $200 + $2 a dvd. That way you could get rid of 100 dvd’s and make $300+ for just a tiny little appearance. The DVD’s only need to be 30 minutes worth of youtube video stuff strung together, with a fancy intro and added pushing of our other services.

Gosh if you got it so you had 80 schools you did, like over 30 weeks, and you kept coming back each year and cranking $400 out of each school, making $1000 a week that wouldn’t be so hard.

we need a graduated system to get that dvd out. $500 for up to 100 kids, $800 for up to 200, $1000 for 200 $1200 for 300+

Why, do you say? Because I’m love with fairies and princesses like a great big blubbery gooey piece of sticky chewing gum that sticks to everything? NO WAY! Don’t you know that fairies can grant wishes, wishes of everything and anything you would want?

What would you wish for?

I would wish for it to be my birthday every day so I could eat birthday cake every day!

I already talked about fairies on my blog already, I am really serious, because they seriously actually exist!

There are auckland birthday fairies on the loose!

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