Planning in Auckland Pirate Entertainment Business

by Pirate Matty on December 17, 2011

Hi it’s Matt here who dresses up and does all the running around and adventuring as pirate matty of the auckland isthmus.

I have been feeling inclined toward developing this whole pirate themed birthday party concept because it’s something I’m already doing successfully, so I want to capitalize on that.

Recently I performed a 3 hours appearance at a community event, a girl’s themed birthday party that was actually me dressed as a ninja for a birthday, and also appeared at only half an hours notice for a pirate birthday party so I sort of feel like I’m really expanding in terms of the service I can deliver, and the different environments I’m accustomed to.

Right now I’m developing this site not only for a more user friendly appearance but also blogging regular pirate stories with pirate matty’s adventures in auckland, so both of those things should give my pirate website a little bit more appeal to visitors and more chance of swapping links and generally raising my sites profile.

Doing more pirate story videos on youtube also! At the moment I’m basing the subject matter of my pirate youtube videos around the search for tinkerbell. I really need an assistant to help me and learn the ropes. An assistant can add value to the party, and also videos, support characters in a possible stage show, and eventually, independent operators.

So I thought I might put out a casting call for a tinkerbell. Once I train her up I can hire her out at $100 an hour. If you think about co-ordinating it

The concept of the fairy is more about inner inspiration and fortitude, yes she represents purity, innocence, beauty, simplicity, calmness, wisdom, and warmth which is an ideal and an aspiration.

In this way the pirate treats her with tenderness, affection, and hints and romantic bonds which captures the sense of idealism, but the fairy is more motherly and supportive. Her ultimate response to my affection is that it’s a nice idea and it’s very flattering but I’m not really real!

The fairy isn’t there to be a damsel in distress, she’s a cautioning foil and caring voice to my wild impulsiveness.

When inevitably I’m in trouble she is there to remind me I have the ability within me to overcome.

Also look at different rates and price points you can offer for children’s birthday party entertainment.

1 hour party = $150 vs. 40 minutes = $120

2 x $150 = $300 vs. 3 x 40 = $360

But what it’s really about is the point where I can be making a successful business out of this without huge stress.

Well if I was doing 4 parties but not doing them each weekend, I could collect $200, do a birthday and a show and collect $500 and hopefully be making $100 p/week on youtube pirate story videos.

So we’d be going from doing 2 birthdays, a show, and some online revenue, to only 1 birthday, but managing more people doing other kid’s birthday entertainment.

What this says to me is that focusing on getting the show going is most important. Once I have a show, I have something I can do for a good amount of loot, I do 2 shows a week, and I’m done, any parties are just a bonus.

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